Michael Peterson

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02-22-2019 9:00:pm Suello Italy Cielo de Terra
02-23-2019 9:00:pm :a Balme-De-Sillingy France Cowboy barn
02-24-2019 9:00:pm Blackpool UK Fancy Feet
02-27-2019 8:00:pm Naples Italy Naval Support Activity
03-03-2019 8:00:pm Treviso Italy Nasty Boys Saloon
05-31-2019 6:00:pm Atlanta, GA Westin
11-01-2019 6:00:pm Buffalo, NY Westin
11-03-2019 2:00:pm Kalamazoo, Michigan TBD

The Michael Peterson Story
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Awesome Review of New CD by Skope Magazine
Who is Michael Peterson, and why haven’t I ever heard of him? Okay, I can’t say that I am the greatest aficionado of country music, but I know the big names, the old standards and a few slightly off the wall artists that might make som...Read More