Michael Peterson

Date Time Title Venue City, State
08-31-2019 9:00:pm "Michael Peterson Concert" Branding Iron Kennewick, WA
07-04-2019 8:00:pm "Fourth of July" Colusa Fairgrounds Colusa, CA
06-07-2019 N/A "Beer Budget and Freedom Fest" State Street Salem, OR
05-31-2019 6:00:pm "Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship" Westin Atlanta, GA
03-03-2019 8:00:pm "Concert" Nasty Boys Saloon Treviso Italy
02-27-2019 8:00:pm "Concert" Naval Support Activity Naples Italy
02-24-2019 9:00:pm "Concert" Fancy Feet Blackpool UK
02-23-2019 9:00:pm "Concert" Cowboy barn :a Balme-De-Sillingy France
02-22-2019 9:00:pm "Concert" Cielo de Terra Suello Italy
02-16-2019 9:00:pm "Concert" Ghost City Saloon Haah Austria
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