Supporting schools and communities in reaching their missions’ since 1983, Michael Peterson’s MY REAL LIFE Tour was born from 28 years of continuous engagement with students and their families.

Michael is a master at blending inspiration with entertainment to:

* Improve Middle School and High School student test scores

* Help schools ensure high graduation rates

* Promote previously non-existent community volunteerism

This tour is probably not what you'd expect from a Country music star. Usually, the bus rolls into town and the artist performs a two-hour concert, quickly moving on to the next performance after signing a few autographs. However, with three #1 songs under his belt and album sales in the millions, Michael Peterson continues to find his greatest joy in equipping students and helping schools and communities succeed with their mission.

What is the MY REAL LIFE Tour?

The MY REAL LIFE Tour is a dynamic, family friendly series of coordinated community events featuring the highly acclaimed TAG YOU’RE IT! student assembly program as its cornerstone.

What is TAG YOU’RE IT! ?

Created by Michael Peterson, TAG YOU'RE IT! is the #1 Student assembly program of its kind in the U.S. bringing world-class illusions, multi-media, humor, audience participation and the power of the Internet together with Michael’s proven ability to drive emotions, resulting in 55 minutes of jaw-dropping moments of discovery in the areas of personal responsibility?

What does “TAG” stand for?

"TAG" is an acronym outlining the invitation to students.

T - Take on Ultimate Responsibility

A - Access empowering resources

G - Gut Check - Game Plan - Get Results - Go Again

What happens after the Assembly?

Two things happen after your assembly program.

1. Michael is available upon request to facilitate small group presentations in classrooms following the Assembly.

2. Building on the discoveries made during the assembly, Teachers and students are given free access to the online tool kit at

This tool kit is specifically designed to inspire students to take on "Ultimate Responsibility" for their choices and results, customizing a specific success plan in 4 key areas of their lives:

My Body - My Brain - My Relationships - My Purpose

Customizing your MY REAL LIFE Tour experience

Over 150,000 students and their families have been “Tagged” since 2008. Some build their week focusing completely on school assemblies. Many choose to use the momentum cr eated in the schools to highlight “community service” throughout the week, culminating in a Saturday celebration we call “Commun-A-Palooza”

However you want it, this tour is designed to compliment your vision.

Here is a sample of events you can mix and match during your customized MY REAL LIFE Tour.

Sunday – The My Real Life tour team arrives.

Monday – The My Real Life Team participates in a press conference sponsored by the Mayors office announcing the arrival of the tour, outlining details of the week's scheduled events and providing interviews. Followed by the first TAG YOU’RE IT! School assembly.

Tuesday – The team delivers the second TAG YOU’RE IT! School assembly followed by an afternoon available for presentations to corporate and community groups like the American Legion, The Rotary etc.

Wednesday - The team delivers the third TAG YOU’RE IT! School assembly.

Thursday - The team delivers the fourth TAG YOU’RE IT! School assembly followed by an afternoon available for visits to Veterans hospitals, nursing homes or Boys and Girls clubs etc…

Friday - The team delivers the fifth TAG YOU’RE IT! School assembly.

Saturday afternoon – The buzz generated by the TAG YOU'RE IT! School assemblies in your town is infectious, often resulting in those students and their families and friends being highly attracted to a community gathering at the end of the week we call the “Commun-A-Palooza”

The interactive "Commun-A-Palooza" event provides the community a fun-filled afternoon of activities, attractions and events leading up to a Saturday evening community-celebration concert. The activities vary depending on the community, but have included opportunities for local merchants and non-profits to showcase their interactive displays, music, giveaways and much more.

Saturday evening – a night of family, variety entertainment bringing Michael Peterson, his band and special guests together for an unforgettable evening of inspiration and celebration.

We look forward to serving you and your community!

Please call Jill at 703 217-5307 or e-mail us at