TAG You're It! Assembly Program
On March 28th, Michael Peterson will be speaking at Buckeye Central High School located in New Washington, OH. Michael has been associated with the American Legion for a number of years and last April he preformed at a CWF fundraiser, sponsored by the 5th District Sons of the American Legion. At that time steps were taken to set up this return trip so that Michael could share with the young people of North Central Ohio the powerful message that is incorporated into the “Tag You’re It” high school assembly program. The 5th Dist. Officers have been working with the Staff at BCHS to create this “youth summit” by extending invitations to all 73 High Schools that are located within the 10 counties that comprise the Fighting Fifth District. Each participating school is being asked to send 15-20 students and the goal is bring students from every corner of the District together for a “positive” life changing experience. I would like to extend an invitation to any Post, Squadron or Unit that is interested in sponsoring an event that promotes a positive message for today’s young people. The 5th Dist. S.A.L. officers are proud to a part of the “Michael Peterson Real Life Tour 2011”.Back