Avon High School TAG Program

Michael delivers 4 TAG Assembly programs at Avon High School. The comments below say it all !


Thanks to you and Zoc for bringing the “Tag You’re it” program to Avon High School. Feedback from both students and staff has been very positive. With instructional time being so valuable, it is important that programs like this add value to the student experience. I would give this an “A” grade J.

Please pass along my thanks to Michael. He not only has a great musical talent but also a gift to connect with kids. As much as you coach kids on how to behave and show respect during presentations the true test is the quality of the presenter and the quality of the message. Home runs of both!

I would also like to thank Michael for making himself available for our benefit concert on Saturday. With so many activities going on that evening I was disappointed at our turn out but those in attendance said it was a great time. To me it’s not how much money we raised but the act of kindness and generosity on Michael’s part that will be remembered the most.


Rick Adcock

Principal, Avon High School


Michael, Thanks for the follow up email. It was great to meet you and talk with you on your visit to Avon. I was impressed with your message to our kids and the way you held their attention. I was especially impressed with your genuine demeanor and the fact that you spent all of your free time during the day just speaking with people in the building. This is my 41st year in coaching, teaching, and guidance and I have loved everyday of interacting and mentoring students at a time in their lives when it is needed the most. It was very obvious to me that you have that talent. I am glad that you have found a forum to deliver your very important message. Good that you enjoyed your experience in football. It helps students understand the importance of hard work, being accountable for your own actions, and understanding what is means to be a teammate. It was a tough loss for our football team. I was a head coach for 33 years but I actually retired as the HC at Avon last season. These are still my old kids so I follow their progress with great interest. I was unable to attend your concert on Saturday night but my wife worked as one of the volunteers and was able to attend and enjoyed your performance very much. I plan on checking out your web site. Hopefully we can use it to help support our other programs.


Dave Shelbourne

Former Head Football Coach &

Guidance Counselor

Avon High School