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Why This Matters To Organizations:

There are thousands of companies across the United States hiring or looking to hire the best candidates from the thousands of transitioning military service veterans re-entering the civilian workforce.

Military service veterans are equipped like few other population groups to strengthen American business and productivity.

Each has successfully completed years of rigorous professional training in a wide variety of specialties ranging from construction and electronics to mechanics and transportation.

Many have advanced degrees in science, engineering, medical, human resources, chemistry, business and more.

They are self-disciplined self- starters with a higher than average level of leadership experience for their age. They have learned in the field how to activate the kind of critical thinking which results in innovative /expedient solutions, often with limited resources or detailed guidance.

In addition to increased productivity and leadership they deliver, there are numerous Federal and State tax advantages for companies who hire veterans not to mention millions of dollars in positive publicity for companies who promote their programs and commitment to hiring our Veterans after their dedicated service to our country.

While the majority of today’s employers have excellent HR protocols to help them find, hire and support retention of the non-military workforce...they are discovering that the key to finding the right Veterans and sustaining the value of that hiring investment begins and ends with understanding the unique culture and mindset of the American Military Veteran.

SO… How will your organization acquire this understanding in time and on target while prioritizing YOUR mission?

Equipped with a Master's Degrees, in Public Administration/ Human Resources and one in National Resource Strategy, COL (R) Jill Chambers and This Able Vet, LLC brings thirty years of dynamic systems, contacts, training and resources from a distinguished Military Service career to your organization.

Jill's specific focus on Strategic Communications and Transition since 2004, is enhanced with team member renowned creative communications expert and Country Music Star Michael Peterson.

Teaming with strategic alliances of Civilian experts in the field of wellness for our Military Veterans, we assist your Human Resource Team creating and delivering relevant resources and understanding of the specific dynamics crucial to your organization making the most of our Military Veteran’s experience.

Whether you are looking to deliver Military Veteran Centric Human Resource training to your existing HR team or simply outsource your Veteran related HR process, This Able Vet, LLC delivers comprehensive, affordable results, ensuring your organization will successfully find, integrate and retain your Military Veteran

If this is your mission, there are few individuals or organizations better equipped to help you create tangible results.

WORKSHOP:  A Return to Wholeness for Military Service Member: Integrative Approaches to Wellness:

This workshop will offer insights of holistic therapies to assist with overcoming the overwhelming life challenges of people who have served in the US military, including challenges for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. We will explore the comprehensive training active duty Soldiers receive through the Soldier 360 program, as well as the use of Guided Imagery, the Fit Bit, Healing Touch and HeartMath tools for de-stressing with the same population. The information learned can be utilized by anyone as a format for being informed, learning about holistic and innovative self-care options and taking responsibility for ones own journey to wellness.  And the best part...we put these tools in the hands of those who want them...IMMEDIATELY!


To customize your Military Veteran Centric - Human Resource viability contact :

COL (R) Jill W Chambers


or call us at 703 217-5307


Speaking Opportunities

Allow me to introduce a one of a kind “Environment of Discovery” ™ created and delivered straight from the heart of one of the most vibrant and successful professionals on the planet, COL (R) Jill Chambers.

Having recovered from the Post-Traumatic Stress she experienced as a direct result of her presence during the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon, she and her team have been moving large audiences across the country by combining mixed multi-media, humor, audience engagement, music and live illusions with disarming true-life stories of courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

Her message “What's Your Story”  is specific and universal uncovering courage and igniting leadership in the heart of every listener.

Armed with two Master's degrees earned while commanding and supporting troops during 7 international conflicts in times of War, she was hand selected by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen to lay the groundwork for the Military’s first ever broad initiative teaming civilian resources with Military strength for the express purpose of increasing resilience in the face of adversity.

Combining the lessons she learned serving those who have served with a multi-dimensional, high stimulus environment makes this more than a “speech”. It uniquely qualifies her to deliver state of the art as well as state of the “heart” resources and results for your next event.

Michael and Jill at the Radio Station

Michael and Jill at the Radio Station
Jill and Michael flying over Iraq

Jill and Michael flying over Iraq
Jill and Bill Gates

Jill and Bill Gates

Chief of Mission India

Chief of Mission India
Excellence In Leadership

Excellence In Leadership
DoD Ceremony Jill's Bio

DoD Ceremony Jill's Bio